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Assault Bail Bonds in Connecticut

The fast track to getting through an assault charge would be to have evidence. Any sign of physical damage caused by he/she would present themselves in front of the judge for more details on the investigation. 

What conditions appertain to Assault Bonds?

To protect the victim in this situation, there are many conditions surrounding an assault bail bond. In order to stay safe, the most important condition would be a personal protection order. In this case, a personal protection order will lay out the guidelines on how the defendant can interact with the victim. If parameters are broken by the defendant, they will be arrested again and brought back to jail with the cancelation of their bail. Two types of protection orders can be issued:

*Depending on the severity and magnitude of the crime done by the defendant, there is a restriction on the distance the defendant can be from the victim, 100 yards to 100 feet.

*If the case on the victim is more severe, there is a more intense way of dealing with the situation, a no-contact order. Contact in any form such as text, call, email, contact through any source would result in the re-arrest and cancelation of the assault bail bond.

Reliable Resource for Assault Bail Bonds

Assault bail bonds can range in price varying on the intensity of the assault charge.

Before any action is taken call, Alliance Bail Bonds at 860-585-5245.


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