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Drug Crime Bail Bonds in Connecticut

Laws regulating drug crimes in Connecticut as well as most of the United States are in an intense spot. The penalties for drug-use are being treated as either a misdemeanor or a major felony. Without access to bail, the accused may be left behind bars longer than expected.

Bail Bonds Procedure for Drug Offences in Connecticut

Drug related arrests have increased a lot in Connecticut. Now the penalties are harsher than years before. It is good to know that if someone is arrested on drug charges, they can request a bail bond. This can be while the case is being brought up to court. The arresting officer sets a bail depending on the type of offense and the condition of the individual.

A Bondsman for the State of Connecticut

A bondsman is a licensed individual in Connecticut that has the insurance capabilities that deal will bail bonds. A bondsman shows the court that the individual is legally required to show up to court. A legal document must be signed by the bail agent, the insurance company, the indemnitor (the person who assures obligation), and the court.

How to Pay for a Bail Bond in Connecticut

When bailing out a friend or family member, there is a premium that needs to be paid that ranges between 7% and 10%. This is a percentage of the total bond issued by the officer in a drug offense. The bond premium must be paid through real estate or cash also known as collateral. Full payment is due 15 months after the signed date. Payments can be made weekly, biweekly, and monthly, and cannot be late past 45 days.

The Co-Signer for the Bail Bond on Drug Crimes in Connecticut

When bail is posted, the family member or friend must sign a legal document that states they will pay if the defendant does not show up for their court date.

Have to Post Bail in the State of Connecticut?

At Alliance Bail Bonds we are here to help, not to judge. We work side by side with the Connecticut courts, Connecticut police departments, and Connecticut defendants to solve bail issues. It is a stressful time, but through our knowledge from working close with knowledgeable attorneys and medical facilities we can serve you better than the competitors. Call us today at: 860-585-JAIL.

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