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Weapons Violation Bail Bonds in Connecticut

Alliance Bail Bonds is here to provide reliable, affordable bail bonds. Our licensed bail bond agents are here to assist you in any way. If you or anyone you know is in need of a weapons violation bail bond please contact us as soon as you can.

What is Weapons Violations Bail?

Weapons violation bonds can be issued when an individual finds themselves in prison for carrying, discharging, or committing a felony while in possession of an illegal weapon. A person can also be charged with carrying a concealed weapon. An illegal weapon can consist of but is not limited to the following:   

*An illegal weapon can consist of:
*A firearm that is capable of switching between a fully automatic, semi-automatic, or burst fire setting.
*A semiautomatic shotgun that accepts a detachable magazine.
*A shotgun with a revolving cylinder.
*A semiautomatic rifle shorter than 30 inches.
*Brass knuckles 
*A semiautomatic pistol or centerfire rifle with a fixed magazine carrying more than 10 rounds.

A judge will set a bail to the person being imprisoned for the carry, use, or concealment of a weapon. The bail set is determined by the specific violation, and the individual is required by a judge to appear in court. In order to obtain more information about your options, it is important that you speak to a bondsman. At Alliance Bail Bonds we pride ourselves on assisting individuals in Connecticut with weapons violation bail bonds.

Weapons Violation Process

A person who is imprisoned for either carrying, concealing, or using an illegal tool, they are taken to a police station. At the station, the individual is questioned, photographed, and booked. A person’s arrest information may not be available right away. It is important for a weapons bail bond to be issued in order to confirm a release. Release normally occurs within 2 days. It is possible for bail to not be put up, in which case a person can be put under guardianship until their arraignment. An arraignment also occurs within 2 days. A weaponry bail bond can be procured at any time.

In Need of a Weapons Violation Bond?

We are one of Connecticut’s and greater Hartford area’s most trusted bail bond company. Alliance Bail Bonds offers bail bonds throughout Connecticut and the greater Hartford area. We specialize in a variety of bail bonds, including weapons violation bail bonds. Call us today to speak to a qualified bondsman! (860) 585-5245


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