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Probation Violation Bail Bonds in Connecticut

Alliance Bail Bonds is here to help you with reliable, affordable bail bonds. We provide you with licensed bail bond agents that can assist you in any way. If your or someone you know is in need of probation violation bail bond, contact us today.

What is Probation Violation Bail?

Probation violations bonds can be issued when someone breaks the terms of their probation. Punishments for probation violations vary depending on the seriousness of the violation, or if you have any previous violations.

Probation Laws vary in different states and governed under federal and state law. Probation violations occur at any time during your probation when you ignore, avoid, or go against your probation terms. Probation usually is anywhere from 1-3 but can be longer depending on the severity of the offense.

Probation can be violated in many ways which include:

*Not appearing at the scheduled court date
*Not reporting to your probation officer
*Fees are not paid by the scheduled due date
*Traveling or visiting people without the permission of your probation officer
*The use of drugs or selling drugs
*Committing a crime or offense
Getting arrested while still on probation

A person being imprisoned for violation of probation will be set a bail. The amount of bail set is determined by the specific severity of the offense taking place and the person is then required to appear in court on a specific date. There are a variety of options so it is important to speak to a bail bondsman. Alliance Bail Bonds provided excellent assistance to individuals in Connecticut with probation violation bail bonds.

In Need of a Probation Violation Bond?

If you or someone you know are in need of a probation violation bail bondsman, here at Alliance Bail Bonds we pride ourselves in being one of Connecticut’s and greater Hartford area’s most trusted bail bonds company. We specialize in a variety of bail bonds services, including probation violation. To speak to a certified bondsman call us today. (860) 585-5245


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