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Sex Crime Bail Bonds in Connecticut

Alliance Bail Bonds provides the best bail bond service in Connecticut.  We understand how stressful the court and bond process can be so we keep our bond services simple and fast. If you or someone you know is in need of a bail bond or needs more information, contact us today.

What is Considered a Sex Crime in CT?

Sex crimes involve non-consensual intercourse, sexual behavior, or unwanted and offensive sexual touching. A non-consensual occurrence is defined as a person who did not consent or was unable to consent.  There are four degrees of sexual assault in Connecticut, with the first-degree being the most serious. Charges related to sexual crimes in Connecticut include:

* Indecent exposure
* Child pornography
* Enticing a minor
* Promoting prostitution
* Incest
* Sexual harassment
* Sexual abuse
* Sexual assault
* Statutory rape
* Rape

Bail Bonds Process in CT

Regardless of the police department in Connecticut, the bail bond process generally remains the same.  Whether or not bail is granted depends on seriousness of the sex crime. If the defendant is granted bail, it allows them to pay bail and proceed in getting an attorney.

Bail bonds are used when someone cannot afford bail , and bondsman are a good resource if someone needs help understanding the bail process.  Bail bonds allows someone to get out of custody and return home, and are an insurance product that guarantees the defendant will appear in court.  Our bail bondsman will post bail for you, and they will help you understand the bail process.

In Need of a Sex Crime Bail Bond?

If you or someone you know is charged with a sexual crime in Connecticut and are eligible for bail,  contact us for a bail bond. We will help you understand the process and are here for you 24/7. Do not wait to contact us; the sooner you or someone you know gets a bail bond, the sooner they can return home and plan their defense with an attorney.

Before any action is taken call, Alliance Bail Bonds at 860-585-5245.


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