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Disorderly Conduct Bail Bonds in Connecticut

If you or someone that you know has been charged with disorderly conduct, the state of Connecticut gives the option to post bail. By posting bail, you are creating a financial agreement that you will appear in court and see the judge. If you fail to appear in court on your expected day you may experience serious consequences, such being issued a warrant for your arrest.

Bail for Disorderly Conduct

Charges for disorderly conduct are less serious than other crimes such as felonies so therefore bail is almost never denied in order to be released on a court date. The amount of the bail varies and is determined by the appointed judge, taking into account any of your previous arrests and crimes committed. Usually, a charge of disorderly conduct consists of paying a small fine and the possibility of a night or two in jail.

Common Disorderly Charges

You can be charged with disorderly conduct if you:

* Challenge or fight someone else in a public area
* Screaming profanities at or to someone
* Arranging an unlawful event in a public area
* Harassing or engaging in intimidating behavior
* Shouting anything from your car window at or near an individual’s residence
* Playing loud music at obscene hours even after being given a warning to turn it down
* Bullying students at or near a school

Your Trusted Source for Disorderly Conduct Bail Bonds

The bail bond process can be an overwhelming task. While hiring a reputable criminal defense attorney is important, hiring an experienced bail bondsman is also helpful. That’s where Alliance Bail Bonds services can help you. For more information about our bond services call us today at 844-365-2245.


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