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Parole Violation Bail Bonds in Connecticut

Here at Alliance Bail Bonds, we’re committed to providing reliable, affordable bail bonds 24/7. If you or someone you know needs a parole violation bond please contact us immediately. Our licensed bail bond agents can assist you.

What is Parole Violation Bail?

Parole violation bail bonds are used when an individual is released from prison on parole. With a parole, certain terms are required that the individual on parole must meet. In the event that probation is violated by the individual, there is no right to an entitlement if found guilty. There are many conditions to probation violations, in which you may need to contact a bondsman to discuss further options. Alliance Bail Bonds is here to assist with parole violation bail bonds throughout Connecticut.

Parole Violation Process

Although these steps act as initial charge, protection under law and protections when probation is violated are not the same. The probation officer can send an affidavit that will state why he/she feels that the individual has not complied with the conditions of parole. Once reviewed by a court judge, it will be signed and a warrant will be issued for arrest anticipated on what was submitted on the affidavit from the probation officer. Once issued, the warrant will be served at the individual’s home, or they will need to immediately turn themselves into jail. Once an agreement is reached, a court date will be assigned to the individual in violation.

If the individual has been found in violation of their parole there are various results that can occur. By Connecticut law, it must be decided by a court whether or not you are allowed to continue your probation or other actions need to be taken. Below are various scenarios that can occur in the event probation has been violated:

Resume the probation sentence

Modify the conditions of the probation sentence

Lengthen the probation sentence

End the probation sentence and order jail time

In Need of a Parole Violation Bond?

We offer bail bonds throughout the state of Connecticut and the greater Hartford area. We are one of the most trusted bail bond companies in Connecticut as well as the Greater Hartford area. Specializing in a variety of bail bonds, including parole violation bail bonds. Call us today to speak to a qualified bondsman! (860) 585-5245


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