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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in Connecticut

These types of bonds vary from countries due to certain laws regarding the violence. What’s the difference between other assault charges? The difference is who the victim or defendant is, family member disputes seem to be more costly. 

Domestic violence attracts many technicalities that change the severity of the bail bond price. Receiving a bail bond for domestic violence has its issues and isn’t easy and will be determined by the evidence at hand.   

There are a range of charges in the category of domestic violence:

*Child abuse
*Child endangerment
*Striking a cohabitant or spouse violently
*Domestic battery

With many different charges, prices can get hefty for bonds, all the way up to $50,000.

Most cases of domestic violence have bail bonds for $500 because domestic violence is filed as misdemeanor cases. Watch out for other costs, the process of the case can add on additional costs. 

If the judge ruled that the victim has had a traumatic experience from the defendant then the price of the bond skyrockets to $50,000. A traumatic experience can come with bodily injury. If severe a similar charge amount of 50,000 with be applied too. If the placement of a restraining order is violated by the act of the defendant will result in a $40000, $20000, or $10000 fine. The cost of those fines varies on the country’s law in was committed in. 

Once arrested, the accused has two choices. Either pay the bail bond or wait to see if he/she can be released on the ground of personal recognizance. This is rare, in the case of this happening the option of reducing your bond is possible so make a consultation with a lawyer. The arraignment takes 3 days (excludes holidays and weekends). 

Domestic violence cases can be tricky and aren’t easy to receive a bail bond. It’s expensive, so find a well-rounded lawyer to help. 

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