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Failure to Appear Bonds in Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, when you are released on bail after an offense you are given a set court date and time in which you are required to attend. Bonds are issued to ensure you come back to court. If you miss your court date for any reason, you can be arrested for failure to appear or given a large fine.

In Connecticut, if you are on bail for a felony charge and fail to appear on your court date then failure to appear is added as a felony offense. As for a misdemeanor, failure to appear is added as such. The judge can also set out a bench warrant. The bench warrant is issued when court rules are violated.

Causes for Failure to Appear

When in contempt, you will state your reasoning for failing to appear and the judge will determine whether or not you will be penalized. Depending on the circumstances of these situations, failure to appear may not be charged in the case of:

    • * Unforeseen events- this would be in the case of an emergency where you are not able to notify the court in time.


    • * Lawyer withdrawals- your legal counsel for your case withdraws as your representative within a week or closer to your court date and you were not informed that they would not be there.


    * Hearing notification- a notification of hearing was never sent out so you were not aware of your court date. If a notice was sent, but you did not receive it for some reason, you will be held accountable.

What to do if you Missed your Court Date?

Missing your court date and failing to address it right away can result in worse consequences and it does not just disappear. You are at risk of being caught daily because a failure to appear, along with any other open offenses, can come up on any shared databases between police departments throughout the state of Connecticut.

You should avoid trying to leave the state or the country because you can be detained when trying to leave or return to the U.S. Notifying your lawyer as soon as possible is your best bet to avoid being arrested.

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