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Payment Methods

Alliance Bail Bonds, CT

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Address: 29 Terra Road, Plainville, CT 06062

860-585-5245 (JAIL)
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Tuesday 12:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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The Bail Bond Process in Simsbury


Bond is Set

The Simsbury Police Department will set the bail following you or your loved one’s arrest. You must stay in the Police Department until the court date if you choose not to pay the bail.


Call Alliance Bail Bonds

Alliance Bail Bonds will help you pay the bail at Simsbury PD, and can complete the bail process if you are struggling to pay for it. All we need is information from you such as: name, date-of-birth, day of arrest, jail name, and bail amount.


Our Agent Meets You

After you call Alliance Bail Bonds, we will make an appointment for you to meet one of our bail bond agents. The bail process, how your situation will be handled, and collateral (if needed) will be discussed at your meeting.



You can return to your loved ones at home, because within an hour our agent will fill out the paperwork at Simsbury PD and get you released.


The Court Date Arrives

You will be given a court date after your release, which you must attend. If you do not successfully go to court, you will likely face severe consequences as failure to appear to court (FTA) is a criminal offense.


The Bond is Exonerated

The bond will be exonerated (a.k.a. completed) after the end of the court date, no matter the verdict.

Simsbury, CT Bail Bond Information

Enfield, CT Superior Court

Alliance Bail Bonds, CT
  • Geographical Area 13: (East Granby, East Windsor, Enfield, Granby, Simsbury, Suffield, Windsor, and Windsor Locks)
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Address: 111 Phoenix Avenue, Enfield 06082
  • Chief Clerk's Office: 860-741-3727
  • Fax: 860-741-3474
  • Adult Probation: 860-745-1710
  • Hours: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Doors open at 8:30 A.M.
  • Public Parking: Available at the Courthouse in front of the building.

Simsbury, CT Police Department

Alliance Bail Bonds, CT
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Address: 933 Hopmeadow St, Simsbury, CT 06070
  • Main Phone: (860) 658-3100
  • About: The Police Department has 38 sworn officers augmented by 11 full-time and 1 part-time civilian personnel.

City of Simsbury Information

Why Choose Alliance Bail Bonds

Simple & Easy Solutions

Being sent to the Simsbury Police Station and then having to show up in court within the next few days because of a crime is a scary and difficult situation. If you need help, or have any questions about the process, Alliance Bail Bond can provide you with the information you need. We want to make sure you or your loved one can return home safely and quickly.

Simsbury residents are among our most treasured clients, and Alliance Bail Bond offers its services to them because we care about them. We can handle any size bond and can even write FTAs with collateral if requested, along with nationwide transfer bonds.

Bringing Integrity to the Industry

Our bail bondsmen at Alliance Bail Bond are regulated by the Department of Insurance in Connecticut, so you know that we are trustworthy and can bring integrity to the bail bonds process. We answer every question honestly and can walk you through the bail bonds process step-by-step. For our Simsbury clients, we offer low money down and high customer services for fast results.

Caring for Our Clients

We will put you first as you are one of our valued Simsbury clients, and will try to return you home as quickly as possible to your loved ones. Based on your income, we may be able to send you home in a timely manner that you can afford. We also have connections with well-known attorneys in Simsbury, along with mental health professionals and substance abuse facilities across the state.

Bail Bond FAQs

How long does the Bail Bond Process take?

The bail bonds process can take up to or over 40 minutes, depending on the day and hour the defendant has been booked to go through the process. If it's a busy day during the week, it may take up to several hours for the defendant to be able to go home.

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost with Alliance Bail Bonds?

The state of Connecticut has power over the fee for posting bonds. If you have a bond up to $5,000 there will be a 10% rate, and bonds above $5000 will have a rate of 7% plus $150. For example, if you have a $2000 bond and the rate is 10%, then your total will be $200. However, if you have a bond that is $10,000 and the rate is 7% + $150 the total will be $850.

What is the 35 Percent Down?

Simsbury follows Connecticut’s state-wide rule on the down payment of a bond. If you are utilizing a bail bondsman, the minimum deposit must be at least 35% of the PREMIUM on the executed bail if you must use a payment plan.This can be difficult to understand, so contact us if you have any questions about this process.

What is a Co-Signer?

A cosigner can help you get a bail bond if you cannot afford it on your own. If the defendant doesn't come into court, the cosigner will unfortunately be saddled with the financial burden of the bail. So, typically, bail bonds companies (and us) want a cosigner who has a job and is currently working to pay off the unpaid premium.

Who is the Bail Commissioner?

The Bail Commissioner is appointed by the State of Connecticut and will set the bond for the defendant who is being held at the Simsbury PD before their court date. They also work with the court to figure out what the appropriate bail should be for criminal and motor vehicle case defendants.

What is Collateral?

If you cannot afford to pay a bail bond, you may be able to use collateral. Examples of collateral are houses, cars, fine art, and jewelry. After the court date, the collateral will be returned to the defendant. If the defendant does not appear before the court, the collateral will be considered forfeit. Collateral are high-value material objects like houses and cars that can be used in lieu of payment for a bail bond.

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