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Alliance Bail Bonds serves residents of New Britain, CT and surrounding towns with our team of professional, experienced bail bondsman, ready 24/7 to serve you. Our 24 hour bail bonds service can help you wherever you are, including police departments, courthouses, jails, and correctional facilities. If you need bail assistance in New Britain, call 860-452-0282 to have one of our New Britain bail bond come to your location.

Our New Britain Bail Bond service is fast, reliable, and always professional. With over 20 years of combined experience, we can offer you the easiest, quickest and most compassionate experience in order to efficiently and kindly serve the needs of you and your loved ones.

Receive a no-obligation confidential discussion. Call our New Britain bail bonds company today.

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  Location: 10 Chestnut St, New Britain, CT 06051
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Have someone in jail in New Britain? Alliance Bail Bonds can help! Our bail bond agents cover the New Britain Police Department daily and we can be there within minutes. We also cover the New Britain Courthouse, we can help!

New Britain CT Bail Bonds

New Britain’s Bail Bond Company & More

Alliance Bail Bonds offers the best bail bonds service in the region. If you need CT Bail Bonds assistance call one of our professional Bail Bonds agents today!

Beyond our bail bond service in New Britain, we also maintain close relationships with some of Connecticut’s most reputable attorneys, mental health and substance abuse and rehabilitation clinics. We can help connect you with a professional who can help with your situation. We are here to help make your life easier during the hardest of times.

Our Mission: To provide quality services, low money down, and a quick resolution of your sensitive needs.


Alliance Bail Bonds' #1 Priority is to take care of you!

The Steps of the Bail Bonds Process in New Britain

Step 1
Once arrested, the New Britain Police Department will determine the required bail for your release. The defendant must stay in jail until the bail is paid.

Step 2
Call Alliance Bail Bonds
Call us with your name, birth date, jail, bail amount and the amount required to satisfy your Bill. We will work to get you or your loved one back home.

Step 3
Our Agent Meets You
One of our New Britain Bail Bond agents will meet with you and explain the bail bond process, answering any of the questions that you have.

Step 4
Our bail bond agent will arrive at the New Britain police department and fill out the required paperwork for your release.

Step 5
The Court Date Arrives
After you are released, you must return to court on your required date.

Step 6
The Bond is Exonerated
The bond must be paid back to Alliance Bail Bonds regardless of the result of the case.

Why Choose Alliance Bail Bonds

Simple & Easy Solutions

Dealing with the bail bond process and the court process in New Britain can be confusing and overwhelming. But, Alliance Bail Bonds is here to help ensure that everything is as simple as possible for our New Britain clients. We understand the gravity of the situation and our professional bail bond agents in New Britain are here to help.

Bringing Integrity to the Industry

Our clients entrust us with their safety and the safety of their loved ones. We value integrity and are committed to serving the best interest of our New Britain clients.

Caring for Our Client

We want all of our clients to be satisfied at the end of the bail process. We are here to support you through the process and afterwards. We can help connect you with mental health professionals if needed.

Why Choose Alliance Bail Bonds

How long does the Bail Bond Process take?

After an individual is arrested and processed a bail is set for release. It can take as little as 40 minutes for a detainee to be released from the New Britain police department the release times can differ depending on more busy days and on weekends.

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost with Alliance Bail Bonds?

Fees for posting bonds are regulated by the state of Connecticut. For bonds up to $5,000, there will be a 10% rate, while bonds above $5,000 will have a 7% rate plus an additional $150. To help you understand the process, we’ll provide you with an example. Say your bond is $2,000. Your bond rate will be 10%, giving you a overall total of $200. If you have a bond of $10,000, the rate would be 7% and an additional $150, giving you a total of $750.

What is the 35 Percent Down?

The state of Connecticut also regulates and refers the down payment of a bond. If you are currently looking for a bail bondsman, the minimum deposit will be at least 35% of the PREMIUM for the bail if you have a payment plan. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our New Britain bail bond agents.

What is a Co-Signer?

If the defendant cannot qualify for their own bond, they may need a co-signer. A co-signer is an individual who agrees to pay back the bond if the defendant cannot do so. If the defendant fails to appear at the New Britain court, the co-signer assumes financial responsibility for the payment of the bond.

Who is the Bail Commissioner?

After an individual is arrested, the bail commissioners is responsible for appointing the bond. The bail commissioner will also recommend the appropriate bail for motor vehicle or criminal cases.

What is Collateral?

If one of our bail bondsmen believes there is a risk in providing the defendant with a loan, collateral may be required in addition to a premium (evaluated on equity). This can be a home, car, fine art or jewelry, costly items that could eventually cover the cost of an unpaid bond. After the appointed court date, the collateral will be returned to its owner, but if the suspect doesn’t show up to court, the collateral is then forfeited.

New Britain CT Bail Bonds, Alliance Bail Bonds 860-932-2245
New Britain CT Bail Bonds, Alliance Bail Bonds 860-932-2245

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